New beginnings

2014-02-16 11.40.51 2014-02-16 11.40.58

This is what happens when your camera gets run over by a car. My Canon S110 was a fantastic point-and-shoot and it took great pictures. After some careful consideration, I bought it on the heels of some exhausting hikes lugging my 5D Mark II around my neck. The full-sized sensor on the 5D made impressive, out of this world images with oh so gorgeous bokeh perfect for stock photography sites. Even so, the trade off in size was more than enough to make the S110 my everyday camera. In a little over a year, it’s been with me to Peru, China, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and has fired off thousands of sharp, properly exposed shots.

Then one day, an unloving universe knocked it out of my lap (without my knowing) when I got out of a friend’s car onto a busy street. Once I realized what happened and went back for it, the pictures above show how I found the camera. Long story short(er), I replaced the broken camera with a Sony RX100 Mark II that I’d been eyeing. As good as the S110 was, the RX100II is so much better. I’m glad a worthy contender has taken the Canon’s place. This blog is dedicated to my new little camera.

Moral of the story: don’t let your camera get run over by a car…but if you do, buy a better camera. So long, old friend. Hello, new friend.


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